Old PRI Meters, loggers and EASEII software

If you have an old PRI or Response meter on a switchboard or on the incomer to a tenanted area - this is where you can access old manuals or find out what options are available for replacing them. We offer a meter "swap-out" service - please contact us for details

CALMU - The original Smart Meter

CALMU (Credit and Load Management Unit) was created in the 1980's and was the original Smart Meter. With internal storage of load survey and remote reading capability, CALMU made possible the opening up of the Electricity Supply Industry to competition.

Although out of manufacture for over 10 years there are still many CALMUs on supplies to commercial tenants



Prime 500 set new standards for panel mounted meters. With the user friendly selector switch and a range of outputs Prime 500 is still to be found on many switchboard.

We offer a replacement meter and conversion plate package to allow for easy swap out of old Prime 500 meters for our latest Elite 400 series meters. We can also provide a competitive swap out service

The original 96Din panel meters were the Elite700 Series and the Encore300 Series. Encore was a simple kWh meter with amps and vaults and a pulse output. Elite was a true multi-function meter with a range of outputs. After a few years the meters were rationalised and the Enocre range was dropped. Following further rationalisation the Elite was limited to two versions; the Elite 115 a multi-function Modbus meter and the Elite 120 a multi-function meter with both Modbus and pulse output.

Pactlan was a communications system allowing large numbers of CALMU, Premier, Sprint and Elite meters to be daisy chained together for interrogation by software such as EASEII. PRI also developed a datalogger that could be connected to a Pactlan network allowing pulsing water and gas meters to be monitored

PRI developed a 8 channel and a 16 channel data logger

EASE II Software in conjunction with Pactlan Networks, 8 & 16 channel data loogers and CALMU and Premier meters offered a comprehensive Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system

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