Belvoir Energy Services - :Part of the UMS Group
Belvoir Energy Services - :Part of the UMS Group

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Reporting

From  sites with a single approved electricity meter to sites with multiple tenant meters,  we can provide a cost effective and reliable AMR solution. We offer gsm / gprs modems and LAN or internet based data collection equipment including, radio transmitters / receivers and 8 channel pulse counters.

GSM / GPRS modems available with stub or external antenna for poor signal areas. Roaming SIMs available to pick up strongest local network.

LAN modems available for use on Local Area Networks - provides reliable communication and no airtime charges to pay

IDC V4 has a RS232 serial port for direct connection to Code of Practice electricity meters, Modbus port for connection to 8 channel pulse counters, radio receivers plus Modbus enabled submeters and an ethernet port and an Ethernet port for network connection.

8 Channel pulse counter allows water, gas, heat and other utility meters to be monitored. Multiple pulse counters can be used and as they are Modbus enabled they can be distributed around the factory, plant room or offices.

The IDC master unit can be linked to IDC pulse counters and to Modbus enabled electricity and heat meters. The master unit can also communicate with approved billing and CoP5 meters such as Premier and the Elster A1700 and collect data from outlying pulse meters via radio transmitters and a radio receiver module.

Data Collection Software can be installed on a server or we can host the software on our secure server on your behalf. For small quantities of meters our bureau service provides half hour CSV data and a number of standard profile and other reports. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are automatically emailed to nominated recipients.


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