Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Reporting

From sites with a single electricity meter to sites with multiple utility meters, we can offer a cost effective and reliable AMR solution. Ideal solution for multi tenanted sites.


Cellular modems and routers combined with roaming sims provide reliable meter communication.  


IDC Master unit connects to chains of meters & pulse counters. powered by Ethernet (POE) or 12V PSU.


Pulse counter allows water, gas, and other utility meters to be monitored. Multiple pulse counters can be linked together.




The IDC master and 8 channel pulse counter combination is a flexible and cost effective  solution for commercial office blocks, business estates  and organisations with large meter populations such as Universites 


Readings and consumption reports can be tailored to suit the application and sent via email to the customers circulation list.


Software development and support is based in the UK and we have engineers available to visit site to help with the provision and connection of meters to the system  


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