Belvoir Energy Services - :Part of the UMS Group
Belvoir Energy Services - :Part of the UMS Group
Utility Metering Solutions Ltd
             Utility Metering Solutions Ltd  

Installation and Specialist Services

At UMS we have over 25 years experience in the electricity metering business and can offer complete end to end solutions.


- Meter fault finding. We can help resolve meter problems

- We carry out compliance audits for billing and FIT meters

- Fit approved meters and provide installation report.

- Install Modbus meters and Modbus data networks

- Supply and install modems, IDCs and pulse counters

- Radio solutions for outlying gas and water meters

- Bureau services with automatic and bespoke reports


We are located at:


Fairfield House

1 Fairfield Street, Bingham

Nottingham NG13 8FB



Contact us today!

Contact us today at

or phone 0115 8473932

alternatively contact Alan Ward

Mob. 07831 422457



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